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              1. Liaoning Chenxi Additives Technology Co., Ltd,

                Fqzjroor | Liaoning Fuching Auxiliaries Co., Ltd.

                The Auxiliary Agent Plant Of Qingyuan Fushun City

                The Auxiliary Agent Plant Of Qingyuan Fushun City was found in May, 1996 with a registration fund of 5 million. It covers the areas 33300 square meters and construction area of 8000 square meters, with the assets of 100 million yuan. 

                Our main products include Cumene hydroperoxide, Diisopropyl benzene hydroperoxide, Dicumyl peroxide, world-class highly purified cumene hydroperoxide (>95%), and Tianyuan automobile anti-freezing solution, etc.

                The Auxiliary Agent Plant Of Qingyuan Fushun City, is a manufacture which mainly produces hydroperoxides. It is also the supplier of China National Petroleum Corporation, China Petrochemical Group International Division, China Ordnance Department and China national bluestar (group) company. Its products being mainly exported to the United States, Germany, France, New Zealand, Australia, India, Taiwan and other countries and regions. The Auxiliary Agent Plant Of Qingyuan Fushun City has strong technical force and advanced technology. The products, which have been praised by all the customers since they are put into the market, feature in active oxygen content, light color and low viscosity.

                In order to adapt to the international trend of market economy after China’s access to WTO, we have introduced GB/T1900 (:2000 idt ISO9001:2008) standard to improve our management and raise the employee’s awareness of quality training and customer service. For this purpose, we hold the quality principle of “human-oriented, integrity, quality first, customer-centered; security production, prevention first; lead the technology and innovation.” We are heading toward together with all our friends to make a better future.

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